Case Study

Kabs Group, Germany:
"Kabs PolsterWelt" is the biggest and most successful Multichannel Retailer for sofas and couches of northern Germany. The Kabs Group consists of several companies which sale a huge range of sofas, couches, seats, beds and several more pieces of furniture's. Kabs PolsterWelt therefor is a many years partner of several furniture producers from all over the world, which refer to the multi sales channels of Kabs PolsterWelt which includes offline in store sales as well as online order possibilities on the other hand. By launching a competitive company-wide ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) System the Kabs Group evolves to one of the leading technology driven companies of Germany's furniture industry.


1. Challenge: Here are some of the challenges:
a. This website need to have Ecommerce Shopping Module as well as Content Management Module.
b. Interface between existing legacy system (used for offline shops) and new system.
c. It has a good brand name in Germany, so website should have quick response time and no/minimal downtime.
d. Lot of product combinations, so products and their variants sum up to a huge number.
e. User experience needs to be very modern.

2. Technology: After lot of research we finalized Magento Platform for Ecommerce and Drupal for Content Management System. The Frontend was developed in Javascript Framework Jquery. We used Agile Methodology to execute the project.

3. Interpretation of the problem, limitations: The main problem was how to combine Ecommerce Module and Content Management System. Another problem/limitation was to have response time less than 1 seconds, so good and smart technology and coding needs to be used.

4. Team: : The team structure was as follows:
a. Project Manager : 15 years of experience
b. Business Analyst: 12 years of experience
c. Technical Architect: 15 years of experience
d. Team of 5 Senior and Junior Developers having experience between 3 - 8 years.
e. Team of 2 Quality Assurance people having experience between 4 - 10 years.

5. Successful implementation:
a. Successfully able to achieve response time less than 1 seconds.
b. Successfully able to implement the project on time.
c. Successfully able to combine Ecommerce system and Content Management System.
d. Successfully able to implement lot of products variants.
e. Successfully able to build an infrastructure which can be horizontally and vertically scalable.

6. Additional point: There was another challenge for us to learn/understand the legacy system which was built by German developers and create interface with new system. We were able to do both on time.