Business To Business Commerce Solutions

Application development and support
From developing sensible apps to applications that make sense, Webvirtue helps its clients own more than online tools to boost business. The software tools developed by this team brilliantly synergise the vision and strategies of the clients into action. The team offers uninterrupted support to its customer 24x7 over email or phone to its clients.

Business To Business Solutions best suited to clients DNA
Rendering effective solutions like online applications, creation of ecommerce platform and offering support for business to business commerce channels start with asking questions. Webvirtue enquires about the USP and business process of the business houses it serves before delivering desired B2B services.

Webvirtue believes that just like any human being each business has its own DNA. Understanding this DNA and business priorities is very important in order to deliver relevant powerful solutions to empower your business.

Protection for more than simply data
Safeguarding your crucial information and business data is of utmost priority for Webvirtue. All sort of information required to run the online application is completely safeguarded with a multilevel security check. Grant of access and administrative control is done at the client end after discussion with the senior management. Webvirtue also ensures automated backup of crucial data of its client on remote servers and restoration of data in case of an error can easily be initiated by at client's end.

Prompt service to cater to your business needs
Webvirtue has created a culture of trust and cooperation among the team members. Besides getting the inputs from the clients, the senior managers at Webvirtue take pain in explaining the important aspects of your business to the team. It encourages each of the team members to take ownership and it reflects in team's attitude while dealing with the client.

Dedicated team of developers with high integrity and ethics
Webvirtue ensures a dedicated team for each project. Driven by strong values and ethical practices, the team adheres to SOPs and standard documentation in all its processes. Whether it is deployment of new tools to monitor a specific task or execution of digital transformation strategies, documentation helps new joiners to deliver without, following the SOP.

Custom made business solutions
Webvirtue takes pride in offering customized ecommerce business solutions, business application development and B2B solutions using the latest business tools available today. Whether it is incorporating relevant modules of Hybris, working on responsive themes of Prestoshop application Webvirtue considers every aspect while offering solutions or consultation services on uses of best ecommerce technologies.

The scope of the services offered by Webvirtue covers most of the ecommerce tools available to help your business grow. It primarily covers the business aspects as mentioned below:

  • Online business solutions
  • Digital identity
  • Support in transforming business to expand its digital space
  • Revamping the digital identity
  • Scaling of business
  • Maximising the social connect
  • Help in acquiring new customers
  • Offering tools to retain existing customers
  • Brand building exercises
  • Increasing customer engagement online
  • Strengthening of customer support service
  • Integrating existing applications with modules of futuristic applications such as Hybris, Magento and Prestashop etc.