About Hybris

Hybris is a one stop commerce solution for SMEs, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers wanting to acquire and retain customers empowered with digital connect. This software presents you with centralized data about your customers. Access to customers' data helps you offer relevant and contextual connect with them.

Omni Channel Support
Potential customers are also directed to your website on their friends' recommendation through social media like Facebook, Twitter etc to enquire about products or make the purchase. From physical POS or mobile POS to visit to your website using search engines like Google or Yahoo on a PC, the customers today enjoy access to multiple channels to know about the products or services you are offering.

Real time access to customers' data
The advantage of Hybris as the commerce solution for the companies lies in its omni-channel support for the business. Data from all possible sources like social network, call centers, mobile apps are registered in a unified way. Once you have specific data about the customers in real time, you can think of a better presentation of your products to meet customers' expectations.

Agile and sustainable ecommerce solution
Hybris ensures sustainable business by offering a commerce application which is robust and agile. Focusing your energies individually on each of the multiple online channels increases the cost of operation exponentially. However the synchronized solution with omni-channel model ensures support for all existing as well as emerging touch points and reduces the cost of multiple channel deployment.

Strong brand communication
When you present your customers with exact information they are looking for, it increases your brand recall. If a customer gets accurate info on products specifications, usage, reviews, pricing, inventory details and order status using any of multiple online channels, it gives your brand strong credibility.

Increase your sales potential significantly
Sellers who use multi-channel commerce solution to reach out to their customers have significantly higher chances of selling than those who rely on single or limited commerce channel. Imagine your potential of selling when you are visible to your customers no matter which device, a smartphone, a tablet or a PC they may be using.

Engage better with your customers
Having access to customers' data allows you to know their likeliness of buying particular product from you. It helps you to manage your stockouts well, leveraging on their knowledge and preferences. You are also able to provide the customers with enhanced digital experience based on their preferences. You can further engage your customers to form communities using inputs from your different channels.

Facilitate customers, earn loyalty with Hybris
Hybris makes your commerce model truly integrated. It allows customers to decide product receiving or return at their convenience. Once a customer buys a product and gets to receive it or return it using his preferred channels he or she will be satisfied with this flexibility. Satisfied customers are not just loyal, they also love to promote your products in their social networks acting as your marketing partner.

Hybris for Intuitive Inventory management
Hybris helps you manage your inventory well. In case of a higher demand from a particular some online channels, you may allocate the products from your physical store. It allows the customers using one channel of your business interface to buy an unsold product allotted to different store.

Robust software with plenty of customization
The multiple layering enables upstream caching thereby removing the slow loading of pages experienced in application with caching at database level. The application comes with loads of integration option to let it function effortlessly with external systems.

Use Hybris for effective communication
Hybris empowers you to send emails like notification, shipping information or other emails by following its suggested procedures. Email templates designed for different profiles can be created using Java. As a hybrid marketing system, Hybris offers extended coverage with tailor-made solutions specific to different industries without increasing the cost.

Hybris for Business
Whether you are a manufacturer, a supplier, owner of a small or medium enterprise, Hybris has got the business solution for you. It is a cost effective commerce solution which maximizes your digital presence. Optimise your CRM with industry's best ecommerce platform, Hybris and grow your business.