About Prestashop

Powering more than 200,000 shops online, Prestashop is undoubtedly one of the most popular ecommerce applications for small and medium enterprises. It helps the businesses benefit from the e-commerce potential with a very limited set of hardware resources. Installation of this online business interface is a breeze and users take very little time to learn and use it.

Powerful ecommerce application with easy administration
Prestashop offers plenty of modules that can be integrated with CMS, mailing and inventory management applications to make it a powerful ecommerce application. This resilient business application is popular among the e-commerce businesses also because of easy Prestashop Administration.

Highly efficient Prestashop
In spite of its ability to operate in limited resources, Prestashop is highly efficient. In case of resource crunching operations, high traffic or demand in data, Prestashop does not slow down or put unnecessary pressure on the server.

Meant as an ecommerce solution for masses
Prestashop is equipped with many functionalities that are inbuilt. These functionalities serve the purpose for majority of online shoppers. Most of the functionalities that a user might need is available free are can be the developed by an experienced developer.

Prestashop Client based functionalities
With plethora of functionalities of Prestashop e-commerce solution is useful for a wide range of small business users from luxury product sellers to daily commodity sellers. With a solid backend support and independent content management system (CMS) it meets the need of e-retailers.

Prestashop is Intuitive and Seller friendly
Layered navigation support by Prestashop helps the customers to browse through other products based on the current product they are browsing. Applying product attributes like colour, size is easy helping the seller to use variation in order to reach out to the customers.

Huge variety of customisable templates
Prestashop offers 1900 plus responsive themes facilitate creation of visually appealing website that works as a magnet for your customers. Thoughtful and creative templates offered by this ecommerce application cover almost all the products and services you might be dealing with.

Equally useful for industries and manufacturers
Features like order management, inventory, shipping, statistics, employee information make Prestashop equally worthy for small industries, manufacturers and suppliers. The Prestashop interface enables the monitoring process, tagging, applying attributes and groups thereby helping the user to work on project.

Option of getting specific functionality
Most of the functionalities required by a retailer or a supplier or a manufacturer dealing in e-commerce, are part of Prestashop. Still if a client is looking for a specific functionality he or she can look for it in Prestashop's highly popular online communities. If particular functionality is not available, it can be created by a team of expert developers.

Simpler graphic modification
Prestashop script is based on a friendly template 'Smarty' which is very popular among the programmers and developers. This easy template allows them to modify graphics, and make visual changes easy.